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In this action-packed fantasy adventure, mythics and mortals band together to solve a mystery, find a killer, battle dark magic and overthrow a corrupt Council in a quest to defeat an ancient prophecy.

When two powerful supernatural guardians break Witch Council Law by falling in love, they escape to the mortal realm and give up their magical powers so they can spend their lives together. They have no idea that their actions could ultimately lead to the destruction of the world they left behind—the magical dimension called The Otherland.

BOOK 1 Witch Pursued

Meet MARCUS EGAN, Guardian Warlock and the firstborn of the family dynasty, and the out-of-control hereditary witch who threatens the future of The Otherland. When murder strikes in a remote mountain town, and the victims aren’t who they seemed, Marcus is sent from The Otherland to investigate. AVALON GWYNN is the grieving daughter of the victims, has no idea she’s an extraordinary witch, or that two decades’ worth of pent-up magical abilities have just been set free in the mortal world. Can Marcus and Avalon catch a killer and survive the darker magical forces threatening them? (Previously released as WITCH UNBOUND)




BOOK 2 Mortal Magic

THEO EGAN has been sent through the portal from The Otherland to investigate an illegal use of magic.  And—since it’s forbidden to cross to the mortal world without the Council’s permission—this might be Theo’s only chance to find his missing brother. LACEY DENT, a mortal journalist, has discovered a mysterious commune. When she meets Theo, she knows he can help her get her big story. She also knows that, in her own way, she can help him. When she suggests an alliance, Theo is reluctant. He’s always relied on his natural magic and believed that mortals had none. Besides, he can’t let Lacey find out who he really is. Can Lacey—with her imagination, courage and resilience—convince him that her special brand of “mortal” magic is the key to their survival?



BOOK 3 Rebel Spell

ELOWYN EGAN, abandoned in The Otherland by her older brothers, is frustrated by the strictures of witch culture. She allows her curiosity to draw her to a rebel who has been captured by her father and the Council of Master Witches. DRAE ATAOZ is a rebel with more than a cause; he knows Egan family secrets Elowyn would rather not uncover. Can Elowyn choose between conflicting loyalties when her brothers return home to overturn an ancient prophecy with the fate of The Otherland at stake?