“Doolittle” Deeks & her Animal Friends

Growing up my favorite fluffy toy was a purple bunny, but we only had stray cats as pets. Ironically, I was well into adulthood before I realized how much I love animals of all sizes. It wasn’t until I transitioned to a writing career that our lifestyle could provide a stable home for a pet. No-one […]

Anatomy of a Mystery

I prepared this paper, The Anatomy of a Mystery, for my presentation with mystery author, Sharon Wildwind, at 2015 When Words Collide conference [Calgary AB Canada August 14-16, 2015]. If you’re interested in hearing about what makes up the bare bones – pun intended – of a successful mystery, please feel free to download a copy. ~*~*~ […]

Quotes that INSPIRE me.

My favorite Sayings & Quotes combine to tell you my philosophy for life: I collect my favorite quotes here so that I can re-read them whenever I feel my energy or motivation flagging. Maybe they’ll inspire you too. I credit the wise person who said it, whenever I know, so please contact me at  if you can fill in […]

EXTRAS: Sweet Romance for Real Life Heroines

When I started writing fiction, my stories always began with a dead body and then went on from there. I have to admit I love murder and mayhem, but sometimes the relationship between the hero and heroine has enough magic of its own to carry you through. The characters push and pull each other through their […]