Author BC Deeks Can Continue Her Writing and Art with Assistive Technology

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the arthritis in my neck pinched off nerves, leaving me without use of my dominant arm and hand. It was the ‘last straw’ in my struggle to push through my obstacles to continue my writing career. I had struggled with lifelong benign familial tremors in my hands which made keyboard skills difficult, but now I thought my writing career was over. I was devastated.

A long-time friend forced me to accept that I was disabled – something I had never considered despite all the evidence to the contrary. I couldn’t imagine what I would do with the rest of my life and I quickly sank into depression. But I wasn’t ready to give up. Through online research, I learned about the not-for-profit society, Neil Squire, and decided to reach out.

The very first phone conversation I had with Neil Squire was positive and uplifting to my spirits. I hung up the phone that day and cried with relief… I was going to write again, and not in a couple of years, but within a couple of months.

Here’s the story of how the wonderful counsellors, and the assistive technology they provided, got me back to the keyboard writing the stories I love.

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